A Billboard, A Memory, A Sigh

What a flurry of events happening here in the Little Penguins household! Cater and Clinton don’t know how lucky they are that they only have to deal with my emotional flurries, while over on the East coast, Central Park filled up with twenty five inches of snow! (And no, it has nothing to do with that bus driver, Andre, I mentioned to you, the flirtatious one. Although he did send me roses! No kidding. And I sent him a thank you card with a bag of caramels: “to sweeten the rough roads.” I think he likes that I wrote about hm on the blog, which I accidentally let slip.)

It’s been years since I was in a snowstorm.

What sent my mind a motion? I was driving down the PCH in my trusty old jalopy when I passed a billboard for “Grease.” I haven’t thought of that movie in ages! I remember when it first came out and what am impression Olivia Newton John and John Travolta had on me.

It was truly the perfect fairytale. Boy and girl fall in love, not knowing anything about each other. They are separated. They are reunited but this time, there are obstacles. Finally. they BOTH change and end up as one.

I loved Sandy’s transformation. While some people dismissed her sexy outfit as selling out and being anti-feminist, I disagree wholeheartedly. From where I stand, Sandy was embracing a part of her felinity and femininity that was theretofore shrouded in fear and repression. Suddenly, she is graceful in her skin, hair loose, shoulders back and body revealed for the beautiful miracle it is. Danny BabyThen there’s Danny, looking as clean cut and vulnerable in his white letterman’s sweater as anyone could expect a teen heartthrob to be. They find their way to union, and I just love it.