Kitten on My Knee

I write this as Carter sits in my lap and stares lovingly at my face.

Every so often, he takes a little paw and pats it on my cheek. What a dear. He never faced any violence and never came to learn that he had claws. His big cat instinct lies dormant, and his padded feet are used to give affection only.

I think we’ve come to the point in our relationship where I get to the heart of why we’re here, on Penguins Express. It is because I am enamored with romance. From the doilies on my kitchen table to the dab of rose oil I put behind my ear even when I am alone and doing housework, I never find a drop of decoration to be silly. Lovers may come and go, but as long as we live, we are with ourselves! So why not make it a little festive? Should taking that care pave the way for a real, old-fashioned romance with a kind and passionate partner, no much the better.

Nothing is more romantic than Penguins. These special creatures express their love by mating for LIFE. They have elaborate courtship rituals and remain monogamous to their partner, working together to raise offspring. One of my favorite penguins is the rock hopper penguin: they find each other again and again, year after year!

I went to my nieces wedding recently and shared this story. It was a beautiful ceremony! I feel quite confident that they are going to last a long time in their partnership. Hopefully, as I said in my toast, as long as the Rock Hopper Penguins! Though cold winters may separate them, they always find their way back home to loyal, loving arms.

I’m glad I didn’t wear mascara to that ceremony! The whole day was lovely. I was picked up at my hotel by the kindest driver. His name was Andre from, near where my sister and her family live. It wasn’t so easy to travel, but I knew it mattered to them. Well, to make a long story short, sometimes my hip makes it hard to get into cars, especially low cars, and the limo they sent me was that kind.

“May I help you, miss?” he said, offering a white-gloved hand.

“I am much too old for you to be flirting with me!” I admonished him. He only smiled and helped me step in.

The rest of the day, he was always there when I needed to get in or out of the limo, from the hotel to the venue, and then back on home. I do admit, I might have fantasized a bit that he really COULD flirt with an old lady like me.Even though I am still in love with my late husband! Either way, it was fun to play penguins for a day.

Carter and Clinton

Carter and Clinton are my two little kittens. They came to me through a great stroke of luck.

I teach a small group of students once a month at my home. They are the reason I am writing Penguins Express blog. “Rhoda!” they cry. “We SO appreciate your teaching and your lessons, but why don’t you share them with more people?” Eventually, I accepted that they were right. I have so much to say on literature and love. It just isn’t fair to burden a few graduate students with the sum total weight of a lifetime of impressions.

I think it would be an interesting experiment to use this page as a classroom, or forum. I will post assignments, both reading and writing.

How this can work:

1) Read the recommended text.

2) Let me know in the comments that you would like to submit an essay or response.

Then you can email or fax me your writing, since some people might not be so good at typing as I am! (Wink wink.) Well, one of these students, lets call her “Alice,” mentioned that she had two little kittens staying at her home.

“I love them!” she cried, “But my husband is allergic!”

When I heard this, I knew it was fate. My late husband was allergic to cats, as well. I always wanted one, ever since I was a little girl, but out of respect for Penguin’s nasal passage (Penguin is what I call my beloved), I gave up that dream. Since I’ve been mourning him far longer than a year, I decided it would do him no dishonor to bring the little orphan cats into our home. I promised Alice she could come and pet them whenever she wants, for which she smiled a great big, happy smile.

That was several months ago. The boys are now well established in the daily life of my home, and I couldn’t be happier. Unless, of course, Penguin was still alive. I know he moved on when he meant to, but it is hard to miss him.

More in the next post. Happy Friday, all you lovers out there. Happy Friday, all you cats.